Window sills

Window sills are an indispensable part of your home or business object. They are made from natural stone and they give the object a sense of beauty and durability.

When choosing window sills it is very important to choose the right material. Our company offers more than 40 types of granite and marble.

As the best material for outdoor window sills we recommend granite, which is not sensitive to weather conditions, such as cold, rain, sun, light, etc.

In addition to sills from natural stone, our offer also includes the production of stills from artificial rock – quartz. Artificial rock looks like natural rock, but its structure is more solid than that of natural rock. However, it is more sensitive to outdoor influences, therefore we recommend it for indoor sills.

We manufacture window sills from different materials with 2 cm and 3 cm thickness. Standard treatment of sills includes outer edge polishing, grinding the upper and lower edge and adding drip edges on outdoor sills.

In addition to the standard treatment, we also treat the window sills in accordance with your wishes, we deliver them and build them in.

Our customers are also very satisfied with our short delivery deadlines, which are usually between 0 to 3 days.


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