Nowadays, countertops are not just a working or storing surface, but give a room a unique look, especially if they are made from natural stone.

Countertops from natural stone are easy to maintain and clean and due to the nature of natural rock they have an almost unlimited life-expectancy.

Our company produces various types of countertops (kitchen, bathroom and bar) from more than 40 different types of natural stone. We recommend using granite as the material for kitchen or bar countertops, since due to its characteristics it is resistant to heat, scratches and grease, while marble is more suitable for bathroom countertops due to its brittleness and porosity.

In addition to countertops from natural stone, our offer also includes the production of countertops from artificial stone – quartz. Artificial rock looks like natural rock, but its structure is more solid and grease resistant than with natural rock.

Our company offers you a complete range of services, including counselling, measurements, production and installation.


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